Q. Some of the leaves on my Gardenia have turned bright yellow and have started to fall off.
A. The plants have dried out recently and need a good watering.
The same symptoms apply to indoor and outdoor ficus and citrus and many other plants.

Q. The leaves on my lemon and orange trees have all curled up and there is little ‘tracks’ running through the leaves.
A. This is caused by the citrus leaf miner. Trim affected leaves and spray trees with Pest Oil at the recommended rate on the label.

Q. Some of my plants have a black film over the leaves and are a bit sticky.
A. The black film is sooty mould, both the mould and the stickiness is caused by an insect either on this plant or a taller one above it. Aphids and scale insects are the most likely culprits. Spray with Confidor for aphids or Anti Scale if scale is the problem.

Q. There is a block of units being built on our back boundary. What can I plant to give me a very quick screen?
A. Some of the Lilly Pilly varieties will give a fast screen and will grow from say 3 to 18 metres.

Acmena Smithii, Acmena Smithii minor, Syzgium Leuhmannii are a few that will grow to about 4 – 5 metres. We have them available in small to very larges sizes.

Other screen plants to consider are conifers such as Leightons green, Naylors blue or Castlewellan gold.


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